LYCON Spa Essentials - Sugar Scrubs

LYCON Spa Essentials - Sugar Scrubs

Body exfoliation has been practised all over the world and throughout history since the time of ancient Egypt.

Many mediums were used by different cultures. Some chose to mechanically exfoliate with abrasive ingredients such as dried corncobs, sand from the bottom of a river bed, crushed seashells, pumice stones etc. Others would adopt natural remedies derived from a chemical exfoliation including tartaric acid from wine, the lactic acid from soured milk, etc.

Whatever they use, the purpose was always the removal of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. There was a multitude of reasons for this purpose, be it decongestion and deep cleansing of the pores, the attempt to increase blood circulation, toning of skin textures, stimulating the cells for renewal, getting rid of ingrown hair, or the fading of hyperpigmentation. Regardless, each of which had to be carefully curated.  

While it sounds simple, it was not. There was a formula used by those who held high positions of wealth during each era for the best outcome. They included calculated frequency, exfoliation methodology, complementary products to aid their concerns.

Today, exfoliation comes with science’s new technology and ingredients.


Let us feature LYCON’s variety of sugar scrubs that are versatile for many different objectives. Conventional applications include full body exfoliation as a treatment or part of a wrap offering during a spa manicure or pedicure service, or enjoy the body scrub at home as part of a regular regime. For an added touch of luxury, you could advise your client to enhance the experience by soaking in the tub to enjoy the warmth of aromatherapy.

As the sugar dissolves, rest assured it will leave no sticky residue on the sides of the tub or clogs drains, or spa jets

LYCON decadent sugar scrubs are oil-free and buff away the dead cells without harsh scratching. They are non-greasy and leave a soft and silky-smooth finish on the skin, while aiding circulation..


Using a sugar scrub is also simple!

Whether it’s for professional or home use, once you’ve chosen any of the six sugar scrubs that you feel are best for you or your client’s skin, dap a small amount onto clean, dry skin using dry fingers. Then, wet your fingers and start with gentle strokes across sections of the body. Remember not to neglect your client’s underarms, buttcrack and butt cheeks, inner thighs, back of legs, between the toes, fingers, ankles, feet, and at the back of ears!

Some Asian cultures tend to exfoliate more vigorously than others but it's really a personal preference, so just bear in mind to ask your client their preference or offer home care advice. Whatever you do, the premium formula rinses thoroughly with lukewarm water and simply pat dry.

Body scrubs can be used two to three times a week depending on one’s lifestyle. However, it should never be used on skin that is freshly waxed, broken, irritated, with rashes, sunburn, or existing conditions such as eczema.

After your body has been left cleansed and exfoliated, it is now able to breathe better. With the soft and silky-smooth finish on the skin, it's now best primed with LYCON’s paired lotions to obtain maximum benefit or any other LYCON’s Spa Essentials series of lotions or oils.


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