LYCON Spa Essentials - Sugar Scrubs

Body exfoliation has been practised all over the world and throughout history since the time of ancient Egypt. Many mediums were used by different cultures. Some chose to mechanically exfoliate with abrasive ingredients such as dried corncobs, sand from the bottom of a river bed, crushed seashells, pumice stones etc. Others would adopt natural remedies derived from a chemical exfoliation including tartaric acid from wine, the lactic acid from soured milk, etc. Whatever they use, the purpose was always the removal of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. There was a multitude of reasons for this purpose, be it decongestion and deep cleansing of the pores, the attempt to increase blood circulation, toning of skin textures, stimulating the cells...

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Which Hot Wax to Use?

When Lycon first sold their wax commercially in 1978, there was only one type - the Sunshine Hot Bees Wax. Fast forward, with changing trends and enhanced technology, there are 19 hot waxes and 18 warm waxes to choose from for that gentler waxing. Joining Sunshine are Olive, Azulene, Apricot, Aloe Vera; these hot waxes are made with natural pine wax mixed with aromatherapy to offer a lovely scent.   Then we have Rosette Hot Wax, SoBerry and LYCOflex. The ingredients are similar to the first group with the addition of Titanium Dioxide or Iron Oxide for that softer, more pliable wax that is gentle on the skin. LYCOJET Lavender, Eyebrow and Desert Rose are similar to traditional hot wax....

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The Importance of Using LYCON Pre & Post Waxing Lotions

Some have asked if it is necessary to use LYCON pre and post waxing lotions.Think of it simply, for example, would you eat chicken rice with no chicken?  Using the recommended and correct LYCON Pre and Post Waxing Lotions are highly recommended as it makes waxing hygienic and noticeably more comfortable for your customer.  Comfortable means that the products will help prevent pull or skin drag, so there is no bruising or missing skin. This is why the pre and post waxing lotions have earned its reputation making it extra special in lots of ways. When used as a system, the service is done with professionalism and makes life a lot easier for your staff as well.      Lycotane...

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