Which Hot Wax to Use?

Which Hot Wax to Use?

When Lycon first sold their wax commercially in 1978, there was only one type - the Sunshine Hot Bees Wax. Fast forward, with changing trends and enhanced technology, there are 19 hot waxes and 18 warm waxes to choose from for that gentler waxing.

Joining Sunshine are Olive, Azulene, Apricot, Aloe Vera; these hot waxes are made with natural pine wax mixed with aromatherapy to offer a lovely scent.  

Then we have Rosette Hot Wax, SoBerry and LYCOflex. The ingredients are similar to the first group with the addition of Titanium Dioxide or Iron Oxide for that softer, more pliable wax that is gentle on the skin.

LYCOJET Lavender, Eyebrow and Desert Rose are similar to traditional hot wax. They can be used thinner than the traditional hot waxes and are considered LYCON’s super hero waxes as they are the strongest of all the hot waxes, removing short stubborn hairs that strip wax can miss.

Then we have LYCOtec hot waxes, the synthetic resin-based hot wax. For those allergic to pine resin, this is a great alternative! Choice of the coconut-scented White Hot Wax and the berry-scented SuperBerry, both are super smooth, ultra-pliable, and easily removable. Applied thinly, LYCOtec waxes are more forgiving and easy to use, as they do not break on removal and very gentle on the skin.

Finally, the famous and unique LYCOdream Hot Wax, which is the perfect blend of LYCON traditional hot wax and LYCOtec film wax formulas. LYCOdream is very gentle on the skin; a very thin application can comfortably remove strong stubborn hairs, just like all LYCON hot waxes.

LYCOtec and LYCOdream set faster than LYCON traditional hot waxes, but easy to use. With ingredients like Argan Oil and Aloe Vera, LYCOdream not only smell amazing, it’s also conditioning for the skin as you wax. 

Which wax is the right one? It’s really personal preference and what suits your customers best. Key point is - all LYCON hot waxes, LYCOJET, LYCOtec and LYCOdream, Pinkini can be re-applied on the same area at least 5-6 times without discomfort or irritation. They are extra gentle, remove hair quickly and practically pain-free. 

LYCON Hot Wax Comparison Chart

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